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By Vesna Matic 16 Jan, 2018

I hope your new year was a good one and that you see the possibilities unfolding before you for the rest of 2018.

Please forgive the lateness of my newsletter. I was driving back to Arizona from a weekend Family Constellations workshop I attended in California and returned late Sunday evening.

I added this alternative healing modality to my repertoire a short time ago and am very excited about it. Even though I had introduced it previously, I thought you might like to learn more about this spiritual modality which is incredible.

Constellations was developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, in the 1990's. His work has continued to evolve and he now calls it Movements of the Spirit-Mind. A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. When growing up in our family of origin, many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, alcoholism, and even illness as a way of fitting in to our families.

Even though it may not make much sense, a child will often sacrifice his/her own interests in order to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member. A child may often feel guilty for wanting to be happy and will instead take on these pains from the family.

Trauma is passed down from one generation to the next just as are our genes. The objective of Family Constellations is to work through these traumas in our present life so that we can better understand our families of origin. In turn, this will enable us to "put or past to rest."

Just think what a gift this is for our future generations as well!

Vesna Matic
Spiritual Direction, Transformational Travel  
By Vesna Matic 09 Jan, 2018

I had something else I was going to write for today's newsletter. After watching the Golden Globes speech that Oprah made when she accepted the "Cecile B deMille" award on Sunday, the universe steered me in another direction. Don't you just love it when that happens??

If you have not had the opportunity to listen to Oprah's speech I urge you to do so. To say that it was inspiring and life changing doesn't do it justice.  

Oprah spoke about events in her life, and African Americans as a whole, which are heart wrenching. She also touched on how the plight of women has frequently been ignored and the phenomenal men who have worked hard to bring this to consciousness.  

We often like to sweep things under the rug that leave us feeling uncomfortable. We live life through our own eyes and experiences, which is of course normal. The problem occurs when we refuse to open our eyes and ears to other people's experiences.  

There is a difference between empathy versus sympathy. Sympathy means feeling sorry or pitying someone whereas empathy goes much deeper.

Sayings such as "walking a mile in someone else's shoes" demonstrates empathy.   All of us have experienced degradation, humiliation and not being understood in our lives. If we can truly draw on those moments and how we felt during those times we experience the meaning of empathy.

The day we can honesty say that we are being judged, and judge others, by our merit instead of by the color of our skin, sex, religion, socioeconomic standing or other such characteristics is the day we can truly say we are united. We are getting closer in many ways. There is still a ways to go.

The beautiful song lyrics, "Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me," by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller, needs to be our mantra.

I have made it mine. What about you?

Vesna Matic
Spiritual Direction, Transformational Travel  
By Vesna Matic 01 Jan, 2018

Hopefully you had a fun and safe New Year's eve last night and are up and ready for the FIRST DAY of 2018 with a clear head (lol).

I pray that this year (which is an 11 master number by the way) is going to be your best year ever. That it is full of much love, peace, health and prosperity.

Many people recommend writing a list of goals you want to accomplish in the new year. This makes a lot of sense as writing things down enables you to see it in black and white. It's like having a reminder of what you're working towards. You can say it's almost like writing a contract for yourself with yourself.

Others suggest making a vision board. Finding words, pictures and phrases that depict what you're envisioning for you life.

For right now I'm just letting it all soak in. I'm taking inventory of how far I've come. The past year was a doozy with a lot of ups and downs. There were times I wanted to pull out my hair and just "slap someone" as the saying goes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I'm grateful for all of the experiences as they led me to where I am today. I survived!


Vesna Matic
Spiritual Direction, Transformational Travel  
By Vesna Matic 25 Dec, 2017

Did you know that in the Western Hemisphere, even though colder days are experienced, that the sun is actually closer to the Earth during the winter months? It is only due to the tilt of the Earth that the colder weather is experienced, but the "Sun" is actually physically closer to the Earth during the winter months in the West. This is why it is a time of reflection and introspection. We use this time to go within and remember "Christ" - also known as the "Light Within," which resides within our own soul.

This is also symbolic of the left hemisphere of the brain bridging and connecting to the right hemisphere of the brain, and is conducive to the concept of awakening.

The Christ is a symbol of the "Light Within" that each person contains. The "Star of Bethlehem" - translated as the "house of bread or meat" is understood to be our brain/mind. The star Sirius (known as the Galactic Sun) is also an example of this inner Sun/Soul - which have the stars known as the "Three Kings" that follow it through the sky. The "Sun" or the "Star" is understood to be the pineal gland when it has been "enlightened" with the oil of the "Christos" which ascends and descends within our bodies every month (during our birth astrological sign traveling through the moon phases).

On the Winter Solstice, the "Sun" moved as far in the Southern Sky as it will move. Then for THREE DAYS (as in the allegory of the tomb) the "Sun" appears to stand still or stay in the same place at each sunrise - UNTIL - on December 25th the "Sun" begins it's Northwardly procession, moving 1 degree north and from that day on, continues to move north until the Summer Solstice. It is these three days that we go within and remember that the "Sun/"Light Within" is rising within us as Christ Consciousness. (This is why many other "Solar" deities also share this same "birthdate" with Christ, including Krishna, Mithra, Osiris, Horus, and many more). It is a symbol of new birth or re-birth within each of us.

There is a wonderful saying that helps those who want to "KNOW THYSELF," and it guides them to see with spiritual eyes and to hear with awakened ears and understand that that which they see outside of themselves is a symbol of that which is inside of themselves.


What a wonderful "Christmas" gift to give to yourself, to REMEMBER that the "Christ" is within you (and others), rising like a "New Sun" and radiating throughout your soul and the cosmos - and to live your life accordingly. To remember that you are Christ Consciousness, that your Sun is your Soul, that your body is the temple, and that your heart is the "Holy Land."

May this season bring the ascension of the "Christos" oil all the way to your inner Star/Sun (your pineal gland) and may you awaken and radiate within and without.

Vesna Matic
Spiritual Direction, Transformational Travel  

By Vesna Matic 18 Dec, 2017

I just got done writing my Christmas cards and putting them in the mail this morning. That was a great feeling! Friends I haven't talked to in a while were on my mind so I wanted to reach out and wish them a Merry Christmas.

There is so much happening this week. Not only is Christmas fast approaching but we also have the Winter Solstice  this Thursday (Dec. 21st), which officially marks the first day of winter.

Such a magical time of the year. Winter is when the bears crawl into their caves and hibernate. Other creators are also reaping the fruits of their labor from earlier seasons and taking it easy.

Temperatures drop and things begin to slow down. Mother Nature also seems to go to sleep for a little while as the nights are longer and the days are shorter.

All of this is also a reminder for us to go inward. To reflect and take inventory of what we've accomplished, what we're happy with and what we want to work on and change.
This time of the season is really meant to be enjoyed.

So, make yourself a hot cup of tea or cocoa and relax .  You've earned it!

Vesna Matic
Spiritual Direction, Transformational Travel
By Vesna Matic 26 Sep, 2017

As many of you know I spent the first two weeks of September visiting my mother in Cleveland (hence the lack of correspondence).  It was a special time as mom was feeling exceptionally well so we were able to do some traveling.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love spending time with her no matter what.  This time was fantastic as her health has greatly improved.

Even before I arrived mom had an outline of places she wanted to see.  One of them was a small town in western Ohio called Maranatha.  The name itself holds meaning.  It is an Aramaic word.  This is the actual language Christ spoke.  Maranatha means “the Lord is coming” or “come, O Lord.”

Maranatha is a very special place as a lady by the name of Maureen Sweeney-Kyle had been having almost daily visitations by Jesus and the Blessed Mother since 1985.  Maureen was given several missions, one of which was to have a shrine built in Mary’s honor.  In 1993 the Maranatha Spring and Shrine was built.

The shrine sits on 112 acres and is surrounded by trees and grass.  Mom and I were able to walk some of the way.  While we were walking around I looked up in the sky and saw this picture

I don’t know about you but I saw an angel holding a cross.

When mom and I got back to the visitor’s building I showed a woman working in the gift shop my photo.  The lady stated this was not unusual as miracles happen there all the time.  I was left speechless.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Schedule a free session with me.  I’m here for you.

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